A Note From the Founders.

As parents of three young children, we found ourselves busier than ever and always running short on time to do the things we enjoy. As our kids have grown, they have become more involved with sports and other extracurricular activities. Our lives had become increasingly busier and we were left wondering “Where does all our time go?” We slowly realized that we (as parents) can only do so much ourselves and still have the time to enjoy our kids and their activities. One area of our lives that we seemed to be spending a lot of time on was laundry…we were always doing laundry!! It seemed like there was laundry all over the house in some stage of partial completion and it was never-ending. We thought…”How can we fix this?” We realized that if just the task of laundry was completed for us each week, we would get back several hours of time with our kids and each other. We also then realized, if it was a benefit for us, maybe it could be a benefit for others too.

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As we have created Washed, we have kept a few principles constantly in mind:


Create an exceptional service that gives people their time back to do other, more enjoyable things.


Make our service simple and convenient for our customers to use.


Ensure our service is customizable and treat every customer’s laundry as they would treat it.


Make sure our service is consistent so our customers enjoy predictable results.

Washed strives to ensure these principles are met every day. Our service is one you can trust and we don’t outsource any part of our process. We have our own drivers and our own laundry technicians on staff and we use our own facility. We strive to provide a comprehensive laundry service at a great value with outstanding customer service. We also welcome feedback from our customers and try to implement improvements from that feedback; if you have a suggestion, please let us know.

Thank you for visiting our site and we hope you agree that life can be spent doing many more enjoyable things other than laundry. Life Before Laundry!

Matt and Ellen Pelton

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