Giving Back Your Time

Whether you are a single professional, family of five, or a retiree our wash and fold laundry service is sure to give you more time and bring you peace of mind. When you sign up with Washed, you get to choose everything from your detergents and fabric softeners to water temperatures and folding preferences. Our laundry service is about more than just washing your clothes; it’s giving you back your time so you can focus on more important things. Get back to LIFE BEFORE LAUNDRY – schedule a laundry pickup with Washed today!  Next Day Service Available.

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Customizable Preferences

Hypoallergenic? Folded or Hung? Hot, warm or cold? However you want it, that’s how we’ll do it!


Free & Clear

Fabric Softener

Free & Clear
Dryer Sheets

Color-Safe Bleach

Oxi Clean

How Washed Residential Laundry Service Works

  1. Choose a Plan
    Sign up for WEEKLY laundry service and we will come on a set day of every week.  If you don’t need service a certain week, simply “Skip” through the app or using our text reminders.  If you just need us every “once-in-a-while”…sign up for BY-REQUEST service and then you choose when you want to send in your items by scheduling an order in our App or thru your online account portal.
  2. Customize
    Our goal is to do your laundry how YOU would do your laundry.  Set up your laundry profile and let us know what options you would like based on how you want your items processed.  We then take your information and apply it to every one of your orders.
  3. Relax
    Set up your profile, place an order, and relax!  We will handle it from there…we will pick up your laundry from your chosen location, professionally process it at our location, then deliver it back to you in sanitary wrapping on the day you choose.  EASY!!
  4. Manage
    Do you need to make a change to your laundry profile or service type?  Simply use our App and make any changes necessary.   Download our App using the links below.
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Manage your account with our easy-to-use mobile app app mockup@2x

What Does it Cost?

One of the most common questions we get at Washed is “How do you charge?” For our residential clothing laundry service, we charge by the pound.  You can see our rates on our pricing page (link below).

The next most common question we get at Washed is “What is a pound of laundry??” We didn’t think showing (1) pound would help much, but we wanted to put some reference to this question. The laundry basket photo represents (10) pounds of laundry (the basket weighs 2 lb). We hope this gives you an idea of what a pound of laundry would be.

And finally, the third most common question we get is “What is included in the price?” This answer is simple….EVERYTHING!! Sorting, washing, drying, and folding (all customized to your preferences) are all included. Also included is detergent, bleach, and softener of your choice. And finally, any special requests that you may have for your laundry orders are included.

We hope this helps clarify what are easily our top three questions about how we charge for our service. If you still have further questions, please contact us and we will clarify in whatever way we can.

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