• Laundry so beautifully folded it will make you shed a single tear of joy! We feel like we gain hours of our lives back every time we use Washed. Their customizations for no additional cost make them a gold standard. I would absolutely recommend them for any time starved people that hate doing laundry.

    Carrie C.

  • Seriously the best thing since sliced bread, I often get overwhelmed as a mom of 2 and working 60+ hours. This has been a lifesaver and is definitely a service I will continue to use on a regular basis. The clothes come back perfectly folded and go from this humongous duffle bag into three tiny little bags that alls I have to do is put away. The process to get started is super easy.

    Dianna S.

  • Love this service! Everything comes back folded and hung per my specifications. Always on time too!

    Christie N.