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Zip Code Spotlight: Exploring 23325 and the Thriving Laundry Service Business

In the vast tapestry of American neighborhoods, each zip code has its own unique flavor, shaping the lives of its residents and local enterprises. Today, let’s delve into the world of 23325, a distinctive zip code nestled in Chesapeake, Virginia. Not only will we uncover the nuances of this area, but we’ll also explore a business that has seamlessly integrated itself into the community – “Washed,” a pickup and delivery laundry service that has won the hearts (and laundry) of both residents and business proprietors.

Unveiling Zip Code 23325: A Glimpse into Chesapeake, Virginia

Zip code 23325 proudly represents the city of Chesapeake, Virginia, where urban convenience harmonizes with suburban tranquility. As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, this zip code is known for its diverse blend of residential neighborhoods and commercial ventures, offering a dynamic living environment for its inhabitants.

Washed: Elevating Laundry Experience for 23325 Residents and Businesses

Amidst this dynamic community, “Washed” emerges as an embodiment of innovation meeting necessity. Through their comprehensive laundry services, encompassing washing, drying, folding, and the added convenience of pickup and delivery, Washed has evolved into an indispensable ally for both residents and commercial establishments in the 23325 zip code.

  • Seamless Convenience for Residents: The demands of modern life often leave little room for chores like laundry. Enter Washed, the solution that residents of 23325 were waiting for. With their free pickup and delivery service, Washed eliminates the laundry-related hassle, enabling individuals and families to redirect their time and energy towards more fulfilling endeavors.

  • Business Partner for Commercial Spaces: Washed’s influence extends beyond the realm of homes. In the commercial landscape of zip code 23325, Washed has established itself as a valuable partner. Businesses – whether they be restaurants, hotels, or fitness centers – benefit from the streamlined laundry service. This partnership ensures a consistent supply of fresh linens and uniforms while enabling these establishments to focus on delivering their core services effectively.

  • Community Engagement: Washed is more than a service provider; it’s an active contributor to the overall well-being of the community. By alleviating laundry-related burdens for residents and businesses alike, Washed indirectly contributes to stress reduction and improved work-life balance. This positive impact can foster a more harmonious and thriving community spirit.

  • Sustainability Initiatives: In an era marked by environmental consciousness, Washed stands out with its commitment to sustainability. The laundry service incorporates eco-friendly practices, including the use of energy-efficient machinery and biodegradable detergents. This aligns not only with the values of many 23325 residents but also sets a noteworthy example for other local businesses to follow suit.

A Perfect Match: Washed and Its Devoted Clientele in 23325

Washed’s success is a result of more than just efficient laundry services; it’s a product of the profound connections forged with its clients.

  • Tailored Experience: Recognizing the distinct needs of different clients, Washed takes a personalized approach. Families might have specific laundry preferences compared to bustling restaurants. By tailoring their services to each client’s unique requirements, Washed adds a personal touch that cultivates customer loyalty.

  • Reliability and Trust: Entrusting one’s laundry to an external service requires a significant level of trust. Washed has cultivated this trust through consistent, top-notch service. Punctual pickups, meticulous laundry care, and dependable delivery have established them as a dependable partner.

  • The Power of Word of Mouth: In a close-knit community like 23325, word of mouth holds immense influence. Satisfied clients naturally become brand advocates, sharing their positive experiences with friends, family, and neighbors. This organic method of promotion has undoubtedly contributed to Washed’s increasing popularity.


In the heart of Chesapeake’s zip code 23325, a remarkable narrative unfolds – one of convenience, community, and freshly laundered fabrics. Washed’s innovative laundry solutions have not only lightened the load for residents and businesses but have also fostered a sense of unity within the local community. As time advances, Washed is poised to remain an integral part of 23325, providing both practicality and a touch of comfort to everyone it serves.

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Do you remember life before laundry? The average American loses 10 hours of their week to laundry! Between sorting, treating stains, switching loads, drying, folding, and hanging laundry it can seem like a real pain. Washed services Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Suffolk, and Chesapeake and we can help! With pick-up and delivery, simple sign-up and account management, customizable preferences such as temperature selection, detergents, softeners, and a lower rate for weekly customers, we can take the hassle out of laundry.

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Rediscover life before laundry and try our residential laundry service. We sort, wash, dry and fold every item for one low per pound cost. We offer detergent options, customizable wash and dry temperatures, hand dry options and pick up and delivery service.

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We understand the importance of clean laundry in your business. Whether you are in need of hotel, bed & breakfast, light medical, fitness, or spa services, we can assist you. Washed is a trusted commercial laundry service in the Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Chesapeake, and Suffolk area.

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Linen Rentals

Washed rents hospitality linens for short-term rental uses. If you are renting an Airbnb, VRBO or another vacation rental in Virginia Beach or Norfolk and need linens, we can help and we make it easy! We rent by sets and we only use high-quality linens and resort-quality towels.

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Sometimes an appointment doesn’t feel real unless you receive a reminder. Here at Washed, we are here to not only provide quality, eco-friendly laundry service but also peace of mind that your laundry will get done correctly and on time. That is why we offer SMS reminders about pickup the night before and keep you updated every step of the way.

With no contracts, hidden fees, and the ability to put your account on vacation hold with a simple click – why wait? Sign up today and redefine your laundry day with Washed.

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If you are renting an Airbnb, VRBO or another vacation rental in Virginia Beach or Norfolk and need linens, we can help. We rent by sets and we only use high-quality linens and resort-quality towels. We will deliver your items on your arrival day and then pick them up on your departure day. All of our linens are laundered in a state-of-the-art laundry facility. The sheets will be pressed and all items are sanitized using our Ozone water treatment system.

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