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Exploring Zip Code 23509: A Haven for Laundry Services

In the sprawling tapestry of cities and neighborhoods, each postal code weaves its own unique story. Today, we set our sights on the intriguing realm of zip code 23509. Nestled within this numerical sequence is a community that thrives on the principles of convenience, modernity, and quality living. What’s more, it’s a place where the harmonious blend of residential and commercial interests has given rise to a burgeoning demand for services that cater to both.

At the heart of this demand lies a crucial service that has transformed the mundane chore of laundry into an opportunity for leisure and precious time savings. This service, bearing the simple yet resonant name “Washed,” has become an indispensable companion for the denizens of 23509.

Unpacking Zip Code 23509

Zip code 23509 is a vibrant pocket within the larger fabric of a city, offering its inhabitants a medley of experiences that span the spectrum from traditional to contemporary. Situated in a picturesque corner, this zip code encapsulates a blend of residential neighborhoods and small businesses that together create a close-knit community atmosphere.

Within this diverse tapestry, you’ll find a myriad of individuals – from young professionals to growing families and industrious entrepreneurs. The streets are adorned with charming homes, and the corners are dotted with quaint shops and service providers. It’s a dynamic ecosystem where daily needs converge with aspirational pursuits.

Washed: Elevating the Laundry Experience

In the bustling world of today, time has become one of our most prized possessions. The idea of dedicating hours to sorting, washing, drying, and folding laundry has become a distant relic of the past. Recognizing this need for efficiency and modernity, “Washed” stepped onto the scene as a game-changer.

Meet Washed

Washed isn’t just a laundry service – it’s a lifestyle enhancer. Specializing in a comprehensive range of laundry services including wash, dry, fold, and free pickup and delivery, Washed has become a cornerstone of convenience for the residents and businesses of 23509.

A Respite for Residents

For the residents of 23509, Washed has become an indispensable partner in managing their busy lives. With its seamless online platform, they can schedule laundry pickups at their convenience, freeing up their time for more meaningful pursuits. Whether it’s a working professional who needs clean and crisp attire for the week ahead or a parent juggling household chores, Washed ensures that laundry woes are a thing of the past.

A Boon for Businesses

But it’s not just the residents who have benefited from Washed’s meticulous service. The local business owners of 23509 have also found a reliable ally in this laundry service. Establishments such as cozy bed-and-breakfasts, charming boutiques, and even local eateries have partnered with Washed to maintain a standard of excellence that extends beyond their products or services.

Imagine a bed-and-breakfast where guests are welcomed with pristine linens and plush towels, all expertly laundered by Washed. Or a boutique where delicate fabrics and intricate designs are handled with the utmost care, ensuring that each piece retains its allure. The hospitality and retail businesses in 23509 have elevated their offerings through this collaboration, giving patrons an experience that is as polished as it is memorable.


Zip code 23509 is more than just a collection of numbers – it’s a testament to the unique amalgamation of people, lifestyles, and aspirations. Within its confines, the demand for modern conveniences harmoniously blends with a commitment to quality living. Washed, with its innovative laundry services, encapsulates this spirit impeccably.

As the sun sets on 23509, its residents and businesses rest easy knowing that their laundry needs are in the capable hands of Washed. In this evolving landscape, where time is of the essence and excellence is the standard, Washed isn’t just a service; it’s a reflection of the values that define this remarkable community.

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Do you remember life before laundry? The average American loses 10 hours of their week to laundry! Between sorting, treating stains, switching loads, drying, folding, and hanging laundry it can seem like a real pain. Washed services Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Suffolk, and Chesapeake and we can help! With pick-up and delivery, simple sign-up and account management, customizable preferences such as temperature selection, detergents, softeners, and a lower rate for weekly customers, we can take the hassle out of laundry.

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Rediscover life before laundry and try our residential laundry service. We sort, wash, dry and fold every item for one low per pound cost. We offer detergent options, customizable wash and dry temperatures, hand dry options and pick up and delivery service.

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We understand the importance of clean laundry in your business. Whether you are in need of hotel, bed & breakfast, light medical, fitness, or spa services, we can assist you. Washed is a trusted commercial laundry service in the Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Chesapeake, and Suffolk area.

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Linen Rentals

Washed rents hospitality linens for short-term rental uses. If you are renting an Airbnb, VRBO or another vacation rental in Virginia Beach or Norfolk and need linens, we can help and we make it easy! We rent by sets and we only use high-quality linens and resort-quality towels.

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Sometimes an appointment doesn’t feel real unless you receive a reminder. Here at Washed, we are here to not only provide quality, eco-friendly laundry service but also peace of mind that your laundry will get done correctly and on time. That is why we offer SMS reminders about pickup the night before and keep you updated every step of the way.

With no contracts, hidden fees, and the ability to put your account on vacation hold with a simple click – why wait? Sign up today and redefine your laundry day with Washed.

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Get Started with Linen Rental Services

If you are renting an Airbnb, VRBO or another vacation rental in Virginia Beach or Norfolk and need linens, we can help. We rent by sets and we only use high-quality linens and resort-quality towels. We will deliver your items on your arrival day and then pick them up on your departure day. All of our linens are laundered in a state-of-the-art laundry facility. The sheets will be pressed and all items are sanitized using our Ozone water treatment system.

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