A Natural and Powerful Way to Clean

Why use ozone technology?

  • Ozone is advanced laundering technology that is environmentally friendly, requiring fewer chemicals than traditional laundering
  • Ozone attacks and destroys harmful bacteria, viruses (including flu and coronavirus), mold and mildew
  • Ozone technology kills bacteria up to 3,200 times faster and more powerfully than chlorine bleach
  • Ozone ensures a brighter and whiter product
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Advantages to the Ozone Cleaning Process


It’s a natural process


Sanitizes laundry from harmful bacteria and viruses such as flu and coronavirus


Prolongs the life of your fabrics


Eliminates odors from pets, smoke, fire and more

Ozone Cleaning for your Commercial Laundry

Ozone (O3) is composed of three oxygen atoms and is a natural purifier. It is used to wash laundry by the best Hotels, Hospitals, Health Care Facilities, and U.S. Institutions!  Ozone can be created naturally (by a lightning strike) or synthetically with an electrical or coronal arch from an ozone generator. Ozone is the result of high electric voltage being passed through oxygen (O2) molecules. When this occurs, it breaks the molecular bond of the O2 into single oxygen atoms. These atoms then bond to the remaining oxygen molecules (O2), creating ozone (O3). It’s the third oxygen atom in ozone’s molecular makeup that makes it such a powerful cleaning agent. With oxidizing power 3,000 times more effective than bleach, ozone is the second most powerful oxidant in existence (deadly fluorine gas is first). When ozone gas is introduced to an environment with bacteria, mold or any other organic material, it readily donates one of the oxygen atoms in its structure to oxidize or destroy that material.

A few Ozone Facts:

  • Ozone, or O3, is the tri-atomic form of oxygen. Stated simply, it is a molecule composed of three oxygen atoms.
  • In nature, ozone is formed by reactions involving ultraviolet rays, or by the electrical discharge of lighting.
  • Behind fluorine and hydroxyl radicals, ozone has the third-highest oxidation potential at 2.07 (see chart below).
  • Ozone is 50 times more powerful and over 3000 times faster acting than chlorine bleach. During its short “lifespan,” ozone is highly reactive.
  • The third molecule in O3 is bonded very loosely; it will break away, leaving pure oxygen, O2, and the single atom, O.
  • Ozone is a high-energy molecule. Its half-life in water at room temperature is only 20 minutes, and it decomposes into simple oxygen.
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