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Washed offers a variety of laundry services in Chesapeake, VA and the surrounding areas. These pickup and delivery laundry services include wash & fold laundry, and commercial laundry.

Washed provides laundry service in Chesapeake, VA and the surrounding areas. Our laundry services are available in the the following Chesapeake zip codes: 23320, 23321, 23322, 23323, 23324, 23325. Our wash and fold laundry service provides top notch service and the online scheduling makes it a snap to schedule residential and commercial orders.

Wash, Dry Fold services near Chesapeake, VA – Don’t worry about Drop off laundry any longer.

As one’s life hustles along the fast lane in Chesapeake, Virginia, it’s understandable to feel the mounting pressure of everyday chores. Amid the confluence of career, family, and leisure, an individual may often find laundry, an essential domestic task, competing for attention. What if there were a way to delegate this task, thereby freeing up hours for more pressing or enjoyable activities? Enter Washed – a forward-thinking laundry service that’s transforming the way Chesapeake residents tackle their laundry.

Washed specializes in pickup and delivery laundry service, a unique offering that’s rapidly gaining popularity in today’s dynamic environment. This service is sometimes known as wash, dry, fold, or drop-off. With Washed, however, the aspect of pickup and delivery is not just incorporated—it’s delivered free of charge.

Convenience At Its Best

In the modern era, time is the most valuable commodity. The convenience of Washed’s pickup and delivery laundry service redefines the concept of time management. Instead of spending hours on sorting, washing, drying, and folding clothes, customers can now devote their time to work, family engagements, or recreation. Simply schedule a pickup and let Washed take care of the rest.

Uncompromising Quality

Quality assurance is a cornerstone of Washed’s services. Customers can be confident that their laundry will be handled with exceptional care and professionalism. All garments are treated using high-quality cleaning agents, ensuring clothes not only look clean but also feel soft and smell fresh. The experienced staff at Washed are trained to handle diverse types of fabrics, guaranteeing every item’s optimal treatment.

Economical Choice

A common misconception is that pickup and delivery laundry service is an expensive luxury. However, with Washed’s free pickup and delivery services, this myth is shattered. Considering the direct and indirect costs of doing laundry—such as water, electricity, detergent, and above all, time—employing Washed’s services may prove more economical.

Environmentally Conscious

Washed’s laundry service isn’t just beneficial for customers—it’s also better for the environment. Commercial-grade machines used by the company are more water and energy-efficient than typical household appliances. By consolidating loads, the service significantly reduces water and energy consumption, thus contributing to a more sustainable future.

Reliability and Professionalism

Trust and reliability are integral to Washed’s operation. The company takes pride in its fast turnaround times, adherence to schedules, and a proactive communication approach. All these factors create a professional and seamless service experience for every customer.

Tailored to Your Needs

Every customer is unique, and so are their laundry preferences. Whether it’s a specific detergent brand, a certain type of fabric softener, or a unique set of instructions for treasured items, Washed accommodates these requests to provide a personalized laundry experience.

Washed’s pickup and delivery laundry service is a remarkable solution for anyone in Chesapeake, VA, seeking a professional, reliable, and personalized laundry solution. Its convenience, quality, affordability, environmental friendliness, and personalized approach make it a winning choice. As residents explore Washed’s services, they are not just outsourcing their laundry—they are reclaiming their time and simplifying their lives. Washed invites everyone to join the revolution in laundry services today!

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Do you remember life before laundry? The average American loses 10 hours of their week to laundry! Between sorting, treating stains, switching loads, drying, folding, and hanging laundry it can seem like a real pain. Washed services Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Suffolk, and Chesapeake and we can help! With pick-up and delivery, simple sign-up and account management, customizable preferences such as temperature selection, detergents, softeners, and a lower rate for weekly customers, we can take the hassle out of laundry.

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Rediscover life before laundry and try our residential laundry service. We sort, wash, dry and fold every item for one low per pound cost. We offer detergent options, customizable wash and dry temperatures, hand dry options and pick up and delivery service.

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We understand the importance of clean laundry in your business. Whether you are in need of hotel, bed & breakfast, light medical, fitness, or spa services, we can assist you. Washed is a trusted commercial laundry service in the Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Chesapeake, and Suffolk area.

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Linen Rentals

Washed rents hospitality linens for short-term rental uses. If you are renting an Airbnb, VRBO or another vacation rental in Virginia Beach or Norfolk and need linens, we can help and we make it easy! We rent by sets and we only use high-quality linens and resort-quality towels.

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Sometimes an appointment doesn’t feel real unless you receive a reminder. Here at Washed, we are here to not only provide quality, eco-friendly laundry service but also peace of mind that your laundry will get done correctly and on time. That is why we offer SMS reminders about pickup the night before and keep you updated every step of the way.

With no contracts, hidden fees, and the ability to put your account on vacation hold with a simple click – why wait? Sign up today and redefine your laundry day with Washed.

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Get Started with Linen Rental Services

If you are renting an Airbnb, VRBO or another vacation rental in Virginia Beach or Norfolk and need linens, we can help. We rent by sets and we only use high-quality linens and resort-quality towels. We will deliver your items on your arrival day and then pick them up on your departure day. All of our linens are laundered in a state-of-the-art laundry facility. The sheets will be pressed and all items are sanitized using our Ozone water treatment system.

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