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Laundry Service for Medical Offices

It’s important to keep your Medical Office clean and Washed can help!

laundry service

Washed commercial laundry pickup & delivery service is here to handle the laundry for your medical offices whether you are a doctor, dentist, hospital, physical therapist, wellness clinic, rehab center, chiropractor, or massage therapist. We clean everything including lab coats, scrubs, towels, linens, hospital gowns, and bedding. Our experienced staff is ready to deliver the highest quality laundry service you can find in Virginia Beach, Norfolk & Chesapeake, VA.

You can schedule weekly pickups if that’s what works for you – or – just schedule a pickup when you need it. Email or call (757) 632-4131 to find out how we can take care of all the laundry you need for your medical office.

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